Newlywed Love: Kat & Ryan (2016)

Producer | Director | Editor


Producer | Editor | Host

“a Harlequin dream” (2014)

Writer | Editor

“a Harlequin dream”

I often dreamt of leaving, enclosed in the warmth and safety of sheets. Fearful of a stale existence. Jealous of riverbeds. Wanting something to save me before I flew too close to the sun. I needed something powerful. Something that matched my unruly state. Something that couldn’t be tamed.

We’re birthed and rebirthed again and again… if we want to be.

And if the brain is the almighty beast, what is water?

As you pressed your hands into the weight of my thighs, my skin rippled at the touch, like liquid. At once, I lost my body: I was a dry bag of bones awaiting the thrill of a riptide. I had to be thrashing and crashing against you. I was the inlet and you were the bay; you were always leading me home.

I let go in the heat of steam. High pressure, hard bodies, hearts breaking: a Harlequin dream.

Cloudy, confused beads of moisture blurred the whiteness of the walls. I was braided with the darkness, shoved against the porcelain: Naked. Healing. Consumed. I passed through your forceful filter and was thrust into a rich tank of trust.

And right as I was about to scream, you came. My breasts burned with a lovely rage. My legs were wooden stilts: rigid, awkward, and endlessly shaky. My heart was heavy. My pelvis was melting. My womaness was real.

You asked me to be your partner and swam up my stream. Rebirthed, together, as one.

But are you still here? Or did you travel with the rain?

I awaken in the night after days of dry heat just so I can listen to the exhale of the drips. Because you are the water and I am the sky, and only together can we try to figure out the why.

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